The Secret Annex Online

The Secret Annex Online is a 3D version of the house at Prinsengracht 263 in Amsterdam where Anne Frank lived in hiding during World War II. In this three-dimensional online environment, visitors can explore the front of the house and the secret annex as they were during the period of hiding, and hear stories that explain in greater depth what happened there. To ensure continued worldwide attention to the Secret Annex Online we decided to use the power of the biggest social networking site in the world: Facebook. We let the public spread the message of Anne Frank and the Secret Annex Online.

Stories form the diary in image and sound

The Secret Annex Online presents events during the period of hiding in a series of stories. Both the popular and authoritative editions of the diary have been used as source material, as have reports by witnesses from the Anne Frank House archives. Extensive research of film and photographic archives has helped create the audio and video stories. Ambient sound and music accompany the narration.

Half a million visitors

Since its launch late last April, nearly half a million people have visited the Secret Annex Online. 48% of them have come from outside Europe, including countries such as Chile, China and the Philippines, whose inhabitants had not visited any of the Anne Frank House websites on a larger scale before. Visitors will stay in the house for an average of a little over 17 minutes.

The Secret Annex Online